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Our People

Sally-Ann Muller: Neighbourhood House Centre Manager

As Neighbourhood House Co-ordinator, Sally-Ann is responsible for implementing the Committee of Management’s strategic plan, assisting the Committee to comply with employment legislation and advising on other legal and financial matters. Sally-Ann is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the community centre.

Bindunil (Bee) Weerakkody: Accounts Administrator

Bee is responsible for the accounts of the community centre; payroll, accounts payable and receivable and also tax and PAYG compliance.

Jessica Currer & Christine Vandenbroucke: Venue Administrators

Jess and Bee are responsible for providing administrative support to both the Neighbourhood House Centre Manager and the Accounts Administrator.

Contractors and specialists are also employed when a particular skill set is required to deliver some of our programs.  We have a number of people in our pool that we call upon to deliver our ongoing programs.

 Volunteer Support:

Wendy, Bernard, Petra and more.  What would we do without our fabulous volunteers?  Performing admin support, running classes and give their valuable time to support the centre. 

Committee of Management:

Our centre is community-led, with up to eight positions on our Committee of Management.

The Committee of Management is elected at the annual general meeting, usually held in October each year.  Their role is to set the strategic direction of the centre. 

Committee members have responsibilities as individuals and as a team to and provide the governance of the centre and work with the staff to achieve the best outcomes for members and the broader community.

Our current Committee of Management comprises:

President: Stuart McLean

Vice President: Bill Kors

Secretary: Petra Neilson

Treasurer: Jan Faulkner

General members: Wendy Lancaster, Alisha Miller, Wayne Bickerdyke.

To support operations, the Committee of Management may choose to delegate its authority to other people. At Vines Road Community Centre, the Committee of Management is currently responsible for the employment of our three part-time staff members who, combined, equate to 45 hours per week of paid labour.

For more information about the Committee of Management, contact the Centre by phone (03) 5277-9027 or email